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Welcome to where my passion for technology, insights on accessibility, and startup adventures meet personal stories.
In this blog, I share my journey through tech innovation, founding a company, and the personal experiences that shape my world.
It's a blend of professional insights and personal tales, all wrapped up in my love for tech. Join me as we delve into this exciting, multifaceted adventure!

The Timeless Magic of Pokemon Crystal and Its Legacy for Future Generations

This article delves into the personal journey with the beloved game, the challenges of accessing it in the modern era, and the role of web-based emulators in preserving this classic for new generations. Discover insights on device compatibility, cultural preservation, ethical gaming, and connecting generations through the magic of Pokémon Crystal.

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Web Accessibility and OpenDyslexic

There are few published papers about usability testing with dyslexia focused fonts, but there is a considerable collection of knowledge on dyslexia as well as many suggestions for authoring dyslexia friendly interfaces

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My Favourite Apps of 2023

Hey everyone, Robert James Gabriel here! As we bid farewell to another whirlwind year in the tech world, I wanted to take a moment and share with you some apps that have made a significant impact on my daily life.

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Whats in my Bag 2018

I recently read a book about the minimal life. Im no hipster and I are a white privilege Irish man. So I didnt have to worry about some things and have a savings and a job. I thought I would write about I need to do my day to day life

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Problems Posed by Ad-blockers

Discover the history and the problems posed by ad-blockers. Includes the in-depth research papers. Dated 2017.

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