I’m Robert James. I live in Ireland, where I code and have fun.

I'm Robert James Gabriel, hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Ireland. I've always had a knack for tech and a deep fascination with programming, a journey that started early and has taken me down some incredible paths.

Living with dyslexia has shaped a lot of my work. It's not just a personal challenge; it's been a driving force behind my mission to make the digital world more accessible. That's where Helperbird flies in – my brainchild, a tool designed to break down barriers in the digital space, especially for those grappling with dyslexia.

My work isn't all behind the screen, though. I love getting out there, engaging with people, sharing my story and insights – speaking gigs are a bit of a rush for me. And hey, it seems to resonate with folks, considering I landed a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. That was a real 'pinch me' moment!

Now, let's talk about my other love – coffee. It's not just a beverage for me; it's like a ritual, a source of inspiration. And in between sips, I'm usually hammering out my thoughts in a blog post, which I update every Tuesday – it's a mixed bag of tech, life, and, of course, accessibility.

Leading Helperbird and Coffee & Fun LLC, my aim is simple, keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital accessibility, making sure the web is a friendly, accessible place for everyone. After all, innovation isn't just about the next big thing; it's about making things better for everyone.