My Rare Eye Teratoma Tumor Story

Hey everyone! I've got a bit of a personal story to share with you today. Back in 2017/2018, I found out I had this medical condition called a teratoma, right near my right eye, of all places. For those who might not know, a teratoma is not your typical tumor. This one can be made up of different types of tissue, including hair and teeth, which sounds like something straight out of a science fiction book, but it’s a real thing.

The location of this tumor, right by my eye, made it a pretty significant concern. These tumors can be risky, impacting vision or even posing a threat to life if they turn out to be cancerous. That's not to mention the potential for it to be incredibly dangerous depending on its nature and the complications it might cause.

The journey to getting this tumor removed was anything but straightforward, especially with the world grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn't until 2024 that I found Dr. Bryan Wilkins, who took on the task. The surgery was successful, removing a tumor complete with hair and teeth - as bizarre as that sounds.

Recovering from the surgery brought its own set of challenges. My eyebrow movement was limited at first, which was unexpected, but I was told it would improve with time. There's also a scar, a small reminder of what I've been through. However, the relief of having that tumor out of me cannot be overstated. The emotional toll it took, not just on me but on my close ones, was heavy. There was a lot of anxiety surrounding the possibility of cancer and the overall uncertainty.

What's in my bag

Throughout this ordeal, I tried to keep a brave face and not let on how worried I actually was. I didn't want my family and friends to be more stressed than they already were. But in hindsight, opening up about these fears and leaning on others for support was incredibly important.

Teratomas, especially in such a sensitive area as near the eye, are no small matter. They can pose real dangers, and the waiting period for test results can be mentally and emotionally draining. But now, with the tumor gone, I feel a sense of lightness, even as I wait for my eyebrow movement to fully return.

If you're facing health issues of your own, know that it's okay to be scared and it's okay to ask for help. Sharing our stories and supporting one another can make a world of difference in navigating these challenging moments.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Here's to health, healing, and the strength we find in community and sharing our experiences.